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Gambling Lucky Charms: 15 Popular Lucky Objects

Did you know that Lucky Charms cereal is rumored to be haunted? The makers of this sugary cereal and its pastel-colored marshmallows aren’t making the allegation; instead, they’re reporting it. 

Most of us have a soft spot for Lucky Charms—the little marshmallows filled with sugar and rainbow sprinkles. The flavor is chewy, and the sugar rushes through your mouth like Fourth of July sparklers. But did you know that Lucky Charms are good luck? Okay, so it’s not the magical item it had been over the years. But lucky charms, like everything in life, do have their uses, and there is a reason the marshmallows are known as lucky charms.


An American legend says that if you place a horseshoe over your door, all your gambling efforts will be successful.

Four-Leaved Clover

Four-leaf clovers carry three specific meanings. One is a wish for good luck, and the other two are that God will be with you and that love is all around you.


Acorns are thought to have protected people from chronic illnesses; some people believed that because of their connection to Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, they could safeguard your home from being struck by lightning.

Hamsa Hand

People associate the seven faces of a hamsa hand with good fortune, protection from bad luck, and increased beauty. It’s no wonder then that the hamsa hand is turning up everywhere, from home décor to clothing.

Nazar Boncuğu Amulet

The Nazar Boncuğu amulet is the most popular lucky charm in the gambling world. The amulet is yellow and made of copper.

Jin Chan (Three-Legged Toad)

Jin Chan is a multifaceted creature representing perseverance, luck, and good fortune. The Three-Legged Toad defaults to emitting yellow but can turn red when angered.

Cat’s Eye Gem

The cat’s eye gem is a quartz-like stone, and it’s believed to offer the wearer good luck, health, wealth, and good fortune. Cat’s eye gems are found in various colors, but the most common color is brown. Cat’s

Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko, or in Japanese “beckon cat,” is more of a good luck charm. What does a Maneki Neko have to do with gambling? Well, for one thing, they signal to the owner that someone is coming.

Dala Horse

The Dala horse is supposed to be a lucky charm and has origins in several Eastern countries, including Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, and Finland. The Dala horse is a common symbol in Scandinavian countries, and you can also find it in Norway.

Rudraksh Beads

Rudraksha is the mythological seed of Lord Shiva. Gamblers’ lucky charms object made from Rudraksha is believed to be unique amongst all other stringed rosaries.

Rabbit’s Foot 

A rabbit’s foot is usually associated with good luck, and gamblers, in particular, are often superstitious about carrying it around. To find out why you have to understand the old Irish legend of the Leprechaun.

Scarab Beetles

The Scarab Beetle Amulet is no exception. The amulet is believed to be a symbol of rebirth and regeneration.

Carp Scale

The Carp Scale, for instance, is believed to provide good luck and enhance gaming skills. You can create your own lucky charms, and we invite you to try creating your own lucky charm for the slots.

Alligator Teeth

It is thought to bring good luck to those who wear, carry, or keep one. An alligator tooth is worn as a simple amulet. The legend behind the alligator tooth is derived from the belief of the Irish that gators are born full-grown, but when they walk, they shed their scales and grow new ones.

Laughing Buddha

The laughing Buddha represents joy, positivity, and kindness. It is a symbol of good fortune and is considered a good omen. The laughing Buddha can also be associated with wealth and happiness.

We all love to play the lottery with hopes of becoming instant millionaires. And despite the millions of lottery winners each year, plenty of people continue to buy lottery tickets and play the games. But did you know that most people who use the lottery simply lose what they spend?

Street with a bowl of Lucky Charms tucked in your skelly, or you’re now stepping outside your door every morning and pouring a bowl of cereal for good luck, everyone recognizes the colorful little marshmallow treats as their Lucky Charms. And lucky charms they are. While they may not actually bring good fortune, many believe that taking a chance on a random set of five sugary marshmallows does bring luck. However, not all Lucky Charms are lucky. Some are lucky, some are unlucky, and some are just lucky-looking. What do they all have in common?

The lucky charms do seem to have a chance to confer some good luck. If you’ve never tried it, I recommend it. It’s more fun that betting on any other variation.

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