Music has changed a lot in the last ten years. Or, how we consume it anyway. How we listen, and how we learn it. People these days often find themselves on Youtube or on blogs learning how to play things from those who have experience in the older ways. It’s a liberating thing that helps level the playing field, allowing more and more people to take up an instrument. Music does a lot for us to help us grow and develop, so having ways to learn more about it for free is something I feel is important.

My name is Jim Rodriguez, and I’m a music teacher. I’ve primarily focused on digital music production in my life, but also have experience with percussion and string instruments. I love being able to share my experiences and life lessons with people face to face, but as time has gone on I realized that people want online coaching in an increasing amount. So, this blog is where I share what I know of all aspects of the musical world, letting people use it as a jumping point for their own forays.

The blog name, then, was very important. I wanted to choose something that would portray its purpose exactly. We all want the freshest music out there, after all. This sparked the idea, as farm fresh is a phrase we hear often associated with quality. Hence, Fresh Music Farm. We will all grow together here.

As for a little more about me, I’ve worked with music all my life. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around the US with my instruments, to teach and perform live in front of many people, and I have absolutely no intentions of slowing down. I’m still in my prime, and still have a lot to give and a lot I want to do. One day, I want to produce and release an album of original work, something I am very excited about. I’ve kept a notebook with my ideas for five years, and one day I’ll sit down and make my dreams come true.

Outside of music, I’m big into travel and food. I especially love spicy flavours, from Mexico and China or anywhere else, and am always that guy who goes for the hot wing challenges wherever they go. I like to take time for myself, relaxing and unwinding with meditation and the like. In some ways I’m an introvert when I have time off, which admittedly isn’t very often.

Anyway that’s all I have for now. Hope you enjoy growing with me!